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Wilson Fibre®

Wilson Bio-Chemical is dedicated to providing energy solutions which will positively contribute to creating a sustainable future and a roadmap for a transition into a circular economy. Through Wilson Fibre®, we will redefine the biofuels market and provide an efficient, environmentally sustainable production of biomass. Wilson Bio-Chemical transforms municipal solid waste into bio-fuels and other high value chemicals meeting demands and performance expectations without any disadvantages or environmental impacts.

Production of Bio Energy

Wilson Fibre® has a high surface area to volume ratio and medium calorific value resulting in easy conversion to power and heat via a variety of methods:

  1. Co-Firing with coal in existing power plant furnaces.
  2. Combustion on its own as a solid fuel in conventional furnaces.
  3. Gasification to produce synthesis gas (Syngas).
  4. Pyrolysis to produce hydrogen and methane.
  5. Anaerobic digestion to create high yields of methane and a high quality soil enhancer.
  6. Production of Bio-Butanol and Bio-Ethanol; by breaking down the predominantly cellulosic fibre to sugars we can produce bio-butanol, acetone and ethanol for traditional markets such as plastics, solvents, pharmaceuticals or for the second generation biofuels market.
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