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Innovate UK Grant Funding for the Co-Firing Waste Derived Torrefied Biogenic Fibre with Coal

November 2015

We are pleased to announce that Wilson Bio-Chemical Ltd has been successful in obtaining a grant from Innovate UK, the UK’s Innovation Agency, of £40,000 towards a project cost of £144,000 to carry out a practical feasibility study for the production of Bio-Char from MSW and commercial waste.

Bio-Char is a “coal-like” substance similar to charcoal which can replace coal or co-mingle with coal as a fuel within power-plants and domestic furnaces.

This material behaves in a similar fashion to coal without creating any further environmental impact than burning coal on its own.

It is planned to prove the benefits of Bio-Char from waste using the Wilson Autoclave as the preparation process followed by low temperature pyrolysis particularly with respect to achieving End of Waste status on the product thus allowing its use in all solid fuel burners without the need for a Waste Incineration licence.

This project is of one year duration by a consortium of partners including the BDC, Leeds University, North Energy and Sol Environmental.

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