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Micro Plant Commissioning

March 2016

We have installed a micro fibre production plant which is due for commissioning in April 2016!

Our micro plant is located at the Biorenewables Development Centre at the University of York which allows our Clients, Academia and our own in-house work to study in detail the behaviour of a variety of waste streams subjected to steam in the Wilson Autoclave in order to make actual evaluations of the best use of the trialled materials under the best processing conditions. This is a valuable facility with which to get real processing data and massively de-risks the commercial process after scale-up.

Through its pilot scale activities via a 50 kg capacity autoclave, WBC is capable of extracting an homogeneous feedstock from a range of autoclaved wastes in order to provide a high quality biogenic raw material for other technologies such as thermal conversion, and fermentation in order to produce an integrated solution for the conversion of waste to high value outputs.

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