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Wilson’s Grand Opening

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Wilson Bio-Chemical has officially opened our Micro Autoclave Fibre Production Plant for turning municipal solid waste (MSW) into biomass fibre that can be converted into a range of useful products. The facility has been developed with the help of the University of York subsidiary, the Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC) and is based at the BDC’s site just outside York. This new technology aims to divert substantial amounts of mixed waste from landfill and produce a range of chemicals and fuels to replace the use of fossil-resource-based products.



The plant was formally opened by Barry Dodd CBE, Chair of the York, North York and East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership. In attendance for the day were our colleagues at Hughes Energy Group, potential investors and a delegation of senior government officials.

We have developed and installed a specialised, rotating autoclave which can treat the biological portion of MSW (mainly food waste, garden waste, paper and cardboard) with steam and high pressure and convert it into a sterile fibre (Wilson Fibre®). Biorefinery specialists, the BDC, have provided support and expertise in the development of the new production plant, which at full commercial scale can process 150,000 tonnes of waste per year.

The Micro Autoclave Fibre Production Plant is an important step in the continuing development of what we believe is a game-changing technology, diverting unsorted MSW from landfill and producing valuable feedstock from a renewable source for the biofuel and biochemical markets,’ says Tom Wilson, Managing Director and Principal Engineer of Wilson Bio-Chemical.

‘We are pleased to be working with Wilson Bio-Chemical on their innovative technology and also pleased that they have chosen to site their new pilot-scale plant at the BDC, in order to benefit from our biorefining expertise and facilities,’ says Dr Joe Ross, Director of the BDC.


Mark Ennis has been awarded CBE in Queen’s Birthday Honours!

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We are very proud to announce that our very own shareholder, Mark Ennis, has been awarded a CBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. Mark has been recognised for his outstanding performance and his dedication to the economy and community in Northern Ireland.

Alongside his other roles, particularly as Chairman of Invest NI and Executive Chairman of SSE Ireland, Mark has been an integral part of the Wilson Team.  As one of the original shareholders, he has supported Wilson Bio-Chemical for many years and continues plays an active role in our development.  His expertise within the energy sector has proven to be an invaluable asset to the team.

Micro Plant Commissioning

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March 2016

We have installed a micro fibre production plant which is due for commissioning in April 2016!

Our micro plant is located at the Biorenewables Development Centre at the University of York which allows our Clients, Academia and our own in-house work to study in detail the behaviour of a variety of waste streams subjected to steam in the Wilson Autoclave in order to make actual evaluations of the best use of the trialled materials under the best processing conditions. This is a valuable facility with which to get real processing data and massively de-risks the commercial process after scale-up.

Through its pilot scale activities via a 50 kg capacity autoclave, WBC is capable of extracting an homogeneous feedstock from a range of autoclaved wastes in order to provide a high quality biogenic raw material for other technologies such as thermal conversion, and fermentation in order to produce an integrated solution for the conversion of waste to high value outputs.

Innovate UK Grant Funding for the Co-Firing Waste Derived Torrefied Biogenic Fibre with Coal

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November 2015

We are pleased to announce that Wilson Bio-Chemical Ltd has been successful in obtaining a grant from Innovate UK, the UK’s Innovation Agency, of £40,000 towards a project cost of £144,000 to carry out a practical feasibility study for the production of Bio-Char from MSW and commercial waste.

Bio-Char is a “coal-like” substance similar to charcoal which can replace coal or co-mingle with coal as a fuel within power-plants and domestic furnaces.

This material behaves in a similar fashion to coal without creating any further environmental impact than burning coal on its own.

It is planned to prove the benefits of Bio-Char from waste using the Wilson Autoclave as the preparation process followed by low temperature pyrolysis particularly with respect to achieving End of Waste status on the product thus allowing its use in all solid fuel burners without the need for a Waste Incineration licence.

This project is of one year duration by a consortium of partners including the BDC, Leeds University, North Energy and Sol Environmental.

150,000 tonne capacity system to be refurbished and re-installed by Wilson Bio-Chemical

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November 2014

Tawnywood Recycling have acquired the majority of the Wilson’s steam autoclaving plant previously installed at Limerick in Ireland.

This 150,000 tonne per annum capacity system shall be refurbished, brought up to date and re-installed by Wilson Bio-Chemical at Tawnywood’s Staveley site at Chesterfield UK ready for re-commissioning in late 2016

Granting funding awarded through the ERDF for a Small Innovation Project

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September 2014

The SIP was awarded £7,500 to look at the feasibility of pelletising and torrefying the biogenic fibre (Wilson Fibre®) to make a durable and coal-like pellet for further use as a fuel.

The result of this grant was the formation of a strong, durable, high density pellet suitable for co-mingling with coal or as a fuel in its own right.

WBC won a grant through the European Regional Development Fund and Department of Energy and Climate Change

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April 2014

This grant included £64,000 towards the cost of building a 50kg capacity steam autoclave system for treating a variety of wastes for the manufacture of high value chemicals.

The Pilot Rig to be installed and commissioned at the BDC in April 2016.

This Research and Development tool will be housed in the Bio-Renewables Development Centre (BDC) at the University of York where WBC can carry out work into the conversion of MSW into bio-fuels and a variety of high value organic chemicals.

Wilson Bio-Chemical awarded £16,440 towards Proof of Market exercise

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January 2013

Wilson Bio-Chemical was awarded £16,440 towards a £40,000 project to carry out a Proof of Market exercise to look at the possibility of producing butanol and hydrogen from municipal solid waste and enter the future transportation fuel market by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB). This project resulted in successfully proving that the production of butanol using the Wilson’s autoclaving system as a preparatory process was commercially viable and can be achieved using municipal solid waste as the raw material which is sustainable, available all year round and does not compete with food crops.