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About us

Wilson Bio-Chemical (WBC) has over 50 years’ experience in the design, construction and supply of steam process systems in the waste industry and many more years in other industries. Our team has developed a commercial system for the conversion of a variety of waste materials into useful products by using clean, dry, saturated steam in large rotating autoclaves.

With a broad knowledge base of steam and general fluid behaviour, process engineering and process chemistry, we can provide the necessary design information to waste processors and project owners to ensure your waste conversion project will be a success.

Wilson Bio-Chemical is dedicated to the research and development of the uses of Wilson Fibre®. The aim is to discover integrated processes to valorise the bio-degradable fraction from the autoclave process. WBC has been successful in producing high value products at a laboratory scale using steam autoclaving integrated with high efficient fermentation and thermo-chemical technology partners.

For waste operators, energy suppliers, environmentally concerned municipalities or larger organisations, Wilson Bio-Chemical provides a guaranteed autoclaving process to convert MSW into a renewable energy in a safe and efficient manner. Among all the other EfW technologies available, our autoclaving system produces a high quality product through an automated process and creates an opportunity to provide energy security; Wilson Fibre® will be essential in ensuring societies are no longer totally dependent on imports or fossil fuels.




Mission Statement

At Wilson Bio-Chemical Ltd, our focus is turning problems into solutions. Through tackling the waste management issue we create an opportunity to provide energy security on both a local and global scale. Harnessing our expertise in the steam pressurisation, Wilson Bio-Chemical has brought autoclaving to a new forefront, to treat waste.

The Wilson Solution is the answer to non-hazardous waste problems; diverting waste from landfill, recovering valuable recyclables and creating renewable energy through Wilson Fibre®.

WBC can provide a service for municipalities or private businesses that are interested in tackling a waste problem with the added incentive of creating green energy and a marketable asset.


Vision Statement:

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of our operations and our team is dedicated to finding the right solution that fits your specific waste and energy needs.

We are the market leaders in autoclaving waste and creating energy solutions for the circular economy.

The Wilson Solution is an integral part in the creation of a sustainable future as it is capable of addressing both the waste and energy crises. With our autoclave system and the Wilson Fibre® produced we are leading the way towards sustainable development and contributing to green energy demands.


History of Wilson Bio-Chemical

Tom and his team have worked tirelessly over the years to design the steam autoclave system specifically to treat waste. After successfully working on a 1 tonne per hour pilot plant in Sheffield, UK and building a demonstrator plant in Bridgend, UK capable of 60,000 tonnes per annum, a fully commercial 150,000 tonnes per annum plant was built in Limerick, Ireland.  This system enabled Wilson Bio-Chemical to obtain a Process Guarantee via a Professional Indemnity insurance package thus protecting potential investors’ capital up to a total of £30 million.



Tom Wilson

The steam autoclave designer and chief engineer, Tom Wilson, has over 50 years’ experience in the steam industry and could arguably be the most distinguished authority on steam storage in the world. Tom had carried out his apprenticeship under the leading steam engineers to which all his unique knowledge and expertise is owed. Tom has worked in a variety of industries, including but not exclusive to steel, textiles, food, biotechnology and polystyrene. Over the last 10 years, Tom has targeted the waste industry and has been able to prove that steam autoclaving municipal solid waste is a genuine answer to a serious environmental issue


Peter Metcalf

Our Research and Development Director, Pete Metcalf has over 40 years’ experience of chemical engineering. Pete started his career in the textiles industry as a process chemist moving on to international sales, predominately in the Middle East and Latin America. Since early 2000 Pete had changed his focus and worked in research and development in the waste sector.

Tony Bramley

Tony has over 30 years’ experience in mechanical engineering services. Tony has worked on the design and implementation of mechanical and electrical schemes in various industries including food, education, healthcare, industrial, government and research and development. Tony has completed work in the UK and a larger global scale also including project management and utility design. His professional memberships include The Engineering Council, The Chartered Institute of Building Services, The Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management and The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management. Tony has worked with Tom over the last 15 years and has become an expert in the steam and waste sectors.

Brendan Hughes

Brendan is an Irish American entrepreneur and has gained his experience in the construction industry. He was successful in creating a thriving contracting business based in New York focusing on domestic and commercial properties over the last 30 years. In 2006 Brendan was looking for a new challenge and an investment opportunity whereas he turned his attention to the Environmental and Renewable Energy Sector. After learning about the Wilson Solution, Brendan became a major shareholder and a premier investor aiding in bringing the technology to life. As the sole representative of the Wilson Solution in North America, Brendan has also created Hughes Energy Group, and his team is the main selling agent for this territory.

Mark Ennis

Mark was appointed Chairman of Invest Northern Ireland in 2012 and has been Chairman of SSE (Ireland) since 2010. In 2013 he was appointed as a Non-Executive Director of Liberty Insurance Ltd where he also serves as Chairman of the Risk Committee and a member of the Audit Committee. In addition he is a Non-Executive Director of a number of small start-up companies operating in the Connected Health and Pharmaceutical Sectors. Mark was appointed to an advisory panel for the review of Health and Social Care in 2011 and from 2012 –2013 he was appointed to serve on a Task and Finish Group. Mark has served as Chairman of CBI Northern Ireland, he currently serves on CBI Business Committee, and he was a Chairman of the Management Leadership Network and is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Management.




Other Wilson Bio-Chemical personnel provide in-house services in the following disciplines:

  • Electrical Engineering design
  • 3d Autocad
  • SCADA Control Systems
  • Effluent Treatment
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